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Video Footage and Photography of Poland’s 1939: A Country on the Brink of War

A Glimpse into the Tumultuous Past: Poland in 1939 and the Unfolding of World War II

Poland in 1939: A Country on the Brink of War

The year 1939 was a time of great uncertainty for Poland. The country had been partitioned twice in the previous century, and it was now sandwiched between two powerful and expansionist countries: Nazi Germany to the west and the Soviet Union to the east.

In March 1939, Germany annexed Austria, and in May it occupied Czechoslovakia. These events made it clear that Hitler was not going to stop until he had achieved his goal of creating a Greater Germany. Poland was next on his list.

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland without warning. The Polish army was outnumbered and outgunned, and it was quickly overwhelmed. The Soviet Union then invaded Poland from the east on September 17.

Within weeks, Poland had been conquered and partitioned between Germany and the Soviet Union. The Polish government went into exile, and the country was plunged into chaos.

The invasion of Poland was a turning point in world history. It marked the beginning of World War II, and it led to the deaths of millions of people. It also led to the destruction of Poland’s infrastructure and economy, and it set the country back decades.

A Video Footage from Poland in 1939

Colorized Footage From Poland In 1939

Photos of Poland in 1939

  • Tanks of the German Wehrmacht rolling into Poland on September 1, 1939. This photo shows the beginning of the German invasion of Poland, which marked the start of World War II.
  • Polish soldiers fighting against German forces in the streets of Warsaw. This photo shows the bravery of the Polish soldiers who fought against overwhelming odds to defend their country from the German invasion.
  • The ruins of Warsaw after the war. This photo shows the devastation that was left behind after the war in Poland. Warsaw was one of the most heavily bombed cities in Europe, and it took years to rebuild.
  • The Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw. This photo shows the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw, where over 400,000 Jews were forced to live in squalid conditions under Nazi occupation.

These are just a few of the many photos that document the events of Poland in 1939. These photos are a reminder of the horrors of war, and they serve as a warning to future generations.



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