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How to Smoke a Cigar Like a Pro

Cigars have been a symbol of celebration and sophistication for centuries, but to the inexperienced, it can seem daunting. To help you avoid embarrassment at your next event, this guide will walk you through the steps of properly smoking a cigar.

Smoking a Cigar the Right Way: A Beginner’s Guide

  1. Choose the Right Cigar Start by selecting a mild cigar, especially if you’re new to smoking. Ask for recommendations from the salesperson at your local cigar shop. When choosing, focus on the aroma and make sure it appeals to you. Avoid cigars that have a pungent smell.
  2. Cut the Cap Before lighting, you must make sure that the cigar is properly cut. Use a sharp cigar cutter or knife to remove the cap (the closed-end located at the foot of the cigar). Cut the rounded end, but not too far down that the end has parallel sides. Avoid cutting too deep as it may result in the wrapper leaf coming apart or a rough smoke.
  3. Toast and Light the Cigar Lighting the cigar evenly is key to preserving its flavor and smell. To do this, hold your lighter far enough from the cigar, so the flame doesn’t reach it. Slowly toast the end while rotating the cigar, toasting it evenly.
  4. Smoking Now that the cigar is toasted and lit, you’re ready to start smoking. Puff out before taking a long draw to allow air to circulate inside the cigar. Remember to smoke slowly and savor the flavor.

In conclusion, smoking a cigar is an art that requires patience and attention to detail. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a classic, elegant indulgence.

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